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Do you know why did we choose Super Seven? What's the meaning of our name?

Here's our presentation video of our new rock band!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the new Super Seven Channel. Subscribe and stay tuned: Today I wanna talk to you about the band and the meaning of the name. I introduce myself immediately, I'm Matteo Cristino and I'm the creator of the project, singer and bassist of the band, the other two companions of mine who help me to carry on the project are Diego Soddu, the guitarist of the band and Steve String, the drummer. Many of you asked me about the meaning of the word Super Seven. Super Seven is a stone, made of crystals with seven different minerals, it's also called Stone of Melody, because it has therapeutic effects over mind and body, we're inspired by this stone, and that's why we chose the name of the band. Well, this has been just a short presentation video, but don't miss the next ones, because we're gonna talk about the new single coming out on 21st of May, called Annabelle. Okay, see you soon, follow us on our social channels and I recommend: Rock the world and stay tuned! SOCIAL LINKS: Official WebSite: Youtube Channel: Bandcamp: Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud:

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