We're excited because today our first single Friends is now released, you can purchase or hear it on streaming on this link >

The song is a hymn to friendship and brotherhood, in which the composer exhorts people to get to know each other, to come together and let themselves go for the experience of friendship, which is described as a kind of magic, a pure and abstract element, necessary to find one's happiness and be able to share it with one's neighbor, an eternal hope of union between peoples free from any cultural heritage of ethnic differences.

released July 23, 2020

Matteo Cristino (Lead vocals & composer)

Diego Soddu (Guitars & backing vocals)

Steve String (Production assistant & musical arrangements)

Marcello Capoccia (Bass guitar)

Daniele Serpi (Piano & keyboards)

Cristiano Poddie - (Composer & keyboards)

Maurizio Floris - (Sax)

Sergio Tifu (Violin)

Elisa Tinti (Clarinet)

Martina Cirronis (Transverse flute)

Mattia Tocco (Artwork & editor graphics)

Andrea Erbì - (mixing and mastering)


© 2020 by Super Seven.

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