The Super Seven were born in 2018 in Sardinia, Italy, from the idea of Matteo Cristino (Bass & Lead Vocals) and Diego Soddu (Guitars & Backing Vocals), colleagues and friends of a lifetime. To complete the formation comes in 2019 Steve String (Drums & Backing Vocals), already a colleague of Matteo's in various projects and bands.

The three guys immediately start to work on new material and to resume old songs and productions, with the collaboration of various musicians and session men, in order to put together their influences to create a new project, whose name comes from:

The Super Seven stone, also known as Sacred Seven or Stone of Melody, is composed of quartz crystals that include 7 different variations of minerals, and represents the universal brotherhood of humanity.
Super Seven crystals offer a gateway to the unconscious mind to remember again what your current role is and how to survive to the highest degree.
Super Seven crystals transmit a deeply spiritual form that connects with all humanity.

© 2020 by Super Seven.

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Steve Strings

Steve Strings - Drum & Backing Vocals